Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm Shifting !

Am shifting.. Its like moving into a house I have been dreaming for years.. Yes; but it isn't actually a home shifting that am talking about, but a shift from blogosphere. 6 blogs were gettign a bit too handful to maintain and to read (as reported by trusted sources). So, here is the solution. am moving all my blogs under a single roof; where as desired before by me, you could choose which section you'd want to read or not ( From the Menu) and if you aren't particular, I'd be really happy if you go through all. Its just created today. So, the site-warming (if there exists a term like that) is today.. Like when we move home, we still expect our friends to visit us and be friends.. All my friends here are requested to come and be a part of my new site Banter Battery.

 Can't tell you how glad I am to be a domain owner. So, Meenakshi Nair is the official owner / Boss at .Waiting to meet you all there !!!

P.S : A big big bear hug to Raghu ji for making this suppressed dream a reality. I was so very excited and moved by the kind of initiative and trouble he went through for this, I don't even remember saying as much as a thank you to him. Maybe am not that good at mouthing my emotions verbally. But really, from the bottom of my heart; Thanks a ton!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Shot in The Dark - 1964

Directed by Blake Edwards

A funny movie where a foolish clumsy officer ( Peter Sellers as Jacques Clouseau) gets on to a murder case which leads on to several murders and the obvious suspect in all cases appear to be Elke Sommer as Maria Gambrelli . However it seems like Officer Clouseau has an attraction to Miss Gambrelli and also refuses to believe that she is the  culprit. How much Officer Gambrelli gets onto his superior's (Herbert Lom as Charles Dreyfus ) nerves and how pathetically clumsy he can be takes the story ahead. There were several scenes which brought about a smile or a giggle or an amusement. Was a fine watch, but nothing I would treasure in my collection.

A one time watch.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Created by David Crane, Marta Kauffman.

Now a shocker to all the Friends fans.

I have "started" watchin Friends. Maybe the fact that I don't watch TV much and even when the TV at home is running, its usually in regional language, which I find easy to ignore. Thanks to torrents, am catching up on all the good stuff i missed out on the idiot box.

I watched the first season of Friends.23 episodes. Am I hooked?? You bet it. After the first episode(Pilot), i just couldn't wait to watch the whole season in one sleepless night, but I din't. I just couldn't bear to finish off so soon, unless I get hold of the second season. So I took about ten days to watch the whole season, occasionally overdoing my quota of two episodes a day. First season is ocmplete and I still don't have the second season in hand.

The best I loved in the series is the raw honesty in it. We sometimes love our friends, sometimes just can't stand them, sometimes think selfishly,sometimes care for them the whole world,sometimes don't give a shit about them, sometimes have bigger priorities in life and still love them a lot. And whats is surprising me is that I am in love with all the characters - Monica (Courteney Cox) , Rachael (Jennifer Aniston), Feebi (Lisa Kudrow),Ross (David Shwimmer), Joey Tribioni (Matt Le Blanc), Chandler (Matthew Perry). A series which was screaming out that guys and girls can be great friends on platonic basis. Even on the second round of viewing I can't stop giggling and laughing genuinely(which most comedy movies fail to do). It has so many small tit bits of humour,wit,sarcasm and laughter without making it feel made up.

Am gonna keep this series intact and am gonna get hold of all the other seasons too.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

What Women Want

Film by Nancy Meyers
Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt

The movie was a nice watch. It was somehow very predictable; either I have read about the story somewhere or seen some Bollywood movie in the same lines or I might have seen this very same movie long before and completely forgot about it, as is characteristic with me (and the reason behind this blog).
The story revolves around a man in a man’s world without a clue about what women really wish for or want. Portrayed as the typical womanizer, chauvinist worker, failure as a husband & a Dad, the protagonist has a good career. However he misses a growth opportunity to a woman who takes over as the Creative Director, then the subsequent ego clash and hostility. An accident takes place which leaves him with the ability to listen to the thoughts of all women .It leads him to discoveries, opportunities and lot more. Listening to what a woman is thinking transforms him into a considerate, caring and loving person and a wonderful Dad!
There are parts in the movie that made me sigh, smile, chuckle, disagree, enjoy and thoughtful. It’s a light hearted watch, but not something I can watch a second time without getting bored.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Treasure

Hmm.. My dear blog Viva, you are soon gonna be bombarded with posts; unless ofcourse the laziness freak in Meenakshi doesn't take over. Looking forward to writing into you about several movies as 103 GB of movies wait eagerly for my viewing... Gosh, the thought tires me in itself..

I must look for some antidote for laziness, it's just getting too comfortable in my spine..

Sooon... Anytime's a good time for some writing and watching time.. I start tonight.. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Updates Soon

Hi !

The books I have been reading for quite some time happen to be my Course Books as my exams are going on. So, hope to get my hand on some interesting read soon after the exams are over.

Movies are a relatively new form of entertainment for me. Yep, the basic movies that almost all of folks have seen are unknown to me. I am on my way to discovering the world of Movies.

But my exams, chores at home, routine & some interesting work at office have left me tongue-tied.

But soon updates are going to appear in this blog to treasure every movie I saw, what i felt when I saw it, and if possible the who's who of the movie for me to rmemeber later ; also shall put down the books i read, the author, my impression & the characters in the books ( which i tend to forget almost always).