Sunday, October 11, 2009


Created by David Crane, Marta Kauffman.

Now a shocker to all the Friends fans.

I have "started" watchin Friends. Maybe the fact that I don't watch TV much and even when the TV at home is running, its usually in regional language, which I find easy to ignore. Thanks to torrents, am catching up on all the good stuff i missed out on the idiot box.

I watched the first season of Friends.23 episodes. Am I hooked?? You bet it. After the first episode(Pilot), i just couldn't wait to watch the whole season in one sleepless night, but I din't. I just couldn't bear to finish off so soon, unless I get hold of the second season. So I took about ten days to watch the whole season, occasionally overdoing my quota of two episodes a day. First season is ocmplete and I still don't have the second season in hand.

The best I loved in the series is the raw honesty in it. We sometimes love our friends, sometimes just can't stand them, sometimes think selfishly,sometimes care for them the whole world,sometimes don't give a shit about them, sometimes have bigger priorities in life and still love them a lot. And whats is surprising me is that I am in love with all the characters - Monica (Courteney Cox) , Rachael (Jennifer Aniston), Feebi (Lisa Kudrow),Ross (David Shwimmer), Joey Tribioni (Matt Le Blanc), Chandler (Matthew Perry). A series which was screaming out that guys and girls can be great friends on platonic basis. Even on the second round of viewing I can't stop giggling and laughing genuinely(which most comedy movies fail to do). It has so many small tit bits of humour,wit,sarcasm and laughter without making it feel made up.

Am gonna keep this series intact and am gonna get hold of all the other seasons too.


  1. I'm averse to T.V and these prime time soap operas me-self. And now, I'm thoroughly sick of these reality shows. But yes, FRIENDS seem to be a different ball game all together. Not that I've watched one single episode of it. But I see world wide fans for this series. Maybe I too should down load it and watch it. What say?

  2. You got them late! Better late than never!And they are reaaaally cute and cool. So I undersdand people get hooked(?) to it... I watch them every time I feel a bit down...