Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Updates Soon

Hi !

The books I have been reading for quite some time happen to be my Course Books as my exams are going on. So, hope to get my hand on some interesting read soon after the exams are over.

Movies are a relatively new form of entertainment for me. Yep, the basic movies that almost all of folks have seen are unknown to me. I am on my way to discovering the world of Movies.

But my exams, chores at home, routine & some interesting work at office have left me tongue-tied.

But soon updates are going to appear in this blog to treasure every movie I saw, what i felt when I saw it, and if possible the who's who of the movie for me to rmemeber later ; also shall put down the books i read, the author, my impression & the characters in the books ( which i tend to forget almost always).


  1. Very interesting picture.. Thats quite a Knot!!!!

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  2. @ workhard

    lol..yeah..and m trying to untie it through this blog..